Featuring Multi - talented Musicians
Bands are energetic, Versatile and
Vibrant sounding. They have
captivated audiences throughout
Asia, UK and USA and beyond with
their performances. Groups are
composed of professional
performances that are eager and
experienced audiences pleasers.

All JCC Talents are screened and
have good reputations in the Industry.
They are well travelled international
performing artists. The groups are
flexible and tailor their performances
for different audiences.......
JCC can handle the entire process
from booking the Acts, Contracting, to
coordinating the logistics and
production. Once a potential
customer completes the
entertainment request form on the
site, an agent follows up immediately
via email or telephone. The agent
provides pricing and availability for
the act(s) in question until an offer is
made and accepted. The client can
also request that production is
handled as well, which could include
everything from the necessary
Flights, Working Visa, Working
permit, Contract attestation, P.O.E.A.
processing, etc
JCC specializes in efficiently co-ordinating and
facilitating the booking and services of artistes
across the board for all the Live entertainment
needs. Ranging from mind blowing aerial acts to
jugglers, from local musical performers to
international talent, the team has access to the right
type of artiste suited for the event and at a price,
which is value for money.

With connections across the globe, we are able to
provide the very best of bands /acts with unlimited
choices of all types and styles of artists. We pride
ourselves to be pioneers in the entertainment
industry with years of experience & knowledge of
the industry. All our entertainers and acts are
screened and auditioned to maintain the highest
standards in quality entertainment
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